Why are Pukekos Silly?

A few years back, members of our brew crew took a journey around the globe to the great island nation of New Zealand. They came back with life changing memories and new beer ideas. New Zealand is a growing hot spot of Craft Beer with brewers from as close as North Carolina moving there to be a part of the growing industry.

Silly Pukeko New Zealand Pale Ale is one of those beers inspired by their travels. So the questions you’re all asking is: What is a Pukeko? And Why is it silly?

Pukekos or Purple Swamphens are swamp dwelling birds believed to be brought to New Zealand by the Maori People when they first arrived in New Zealand from Polynesia between 1200 and 1300 CE. In Maori tradition, Pukekos are believed to be the spawn of Punga (the ancestor of sharks and reptiles- the enemy of man) but also touched by the High Chief Tawhaki giving them both a mischievous scheme character and a royal badge on their foreheads.

Pukekos are mainly ground dwelling birds with big feet to help them navigate the swampy terrain they inhabit but their large feet also contribute to awkward and clumsy mobility while walking as well as when flying short distances.

As far as our Silly Pukeko goes, your tastebuds are in for a treat! Tropical, citrusy and juicy this Pale Ale is a masterpiece of flavor from half way around the world! Brewed with Southern Cross, Motueka, and Wakatu hops all straight from New Zealand, your mouth will pack your bags for a whole new adventure!

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