Welcome to Seminar Brewing!

Seminar Brewing is the culmination of a love for craft beer, scientific experimentation, and the desire to provide an educational setting for new craft beer drinkers looking to dive into this expansive and continuously expanding industry.

Starting off as a weekly Beer Sharing group at the fabled Garaj Mahal, Wednesday Night Seminars quickly grew from a tasting of craft beer, favored and brand new; to an experiment in brewing itself. As brewing expertise evolved so did some of your favorite brands today.

Many Homebrews, Competitions and trial and error later, Seminar Brewing opened its doors as Florence, SC’s first commercially distributing craft brewery in 2014. The original tasting room (beside Red Bone Alley in the Florence Mall) quickly proved to be too small for the endeavors set upon by the Seminar gang and the current Brewery (just under 2 miles from Interstate 95 off Exit 164) was established in 2017.

A ever expanding tap list of almost every style of beer imaginable has been the focus of the staff of Seminar Brewing. With 15 taps and a growing selection of canned beer to choose from there is something for everyone!

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